The Burlesque Festival Party is pleased to present …: GolDen Din Din.

Of all places where she could choose to be born she preferred to be italian, the richest country full of beauty and passion. Red and lively like lava, she moved her first steps in a caravan of street artists venting her creativity and time traveling from Middle Age to twentieth  century.

From her mouth the power and the heat, the Voice and the fire, the singer and the spitfire, a double personality Who has played a leading Role of a plenty of musical projects with gospel choirs, theatres, famous artists like Matia Bazar in all europe.

She madly loves happy women and that is her target thanks to her Masonic network that informs about sexual well-Being and burlesque erotic etiquette.

Vintage is Also a great passion; this is her new musical style that shares with Mizi Mia Grand’Ame in the Foll’Epoque duo, thanks to their incredible union in Art and in the stars.

Today Foll’Epoque is a timeless word where Art guides to new experiences and creates new sensations reinterpreting the ages.

From Iriina&Ciniica to GolDen&Mizi, the ironic and mischievous alter ego open the curtain to a future certainly amazing for GolDen.

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