Workshop by Mizi !

Below are listed (and this is a continuous job of upgrading …) the possibilities of WORKSHOP by Mizi Mia Grand’Ame..

These are workshops that can vary from 1 to 3 hours or more, depending on the extent of the subject being discussed and the organization of the workshop itself.

You will find all upgrades and upcoming events on the site, but do not hesitate to ask for informations about organizing one of these events.

  • Emotional Burlesque
  • Welcome to Burlesque Workshop
  • Bye Bye BOA
  • CoreoLAB
  • Heels
  • Cabaret Chair with Liza
    • Liza style choreography
  • Chair Burlesque
  • Body Burlesque:
    • FACE burlesque
    • LEG burlesque
    • ARM burlesque
    • HAND burlesque
  • To each one his ... burlesque:
    • Years’ 20 burlesque
    • Years ’30 burlesque
    • Years ’40 burlesque
    • Years ’50 burlesque
  • YOGesque: Burlesque and Yoga ... you can do it!
  • Over Looking: When the picture goes further
  • Great Dive Burlesque
  • Moves of the other world
    • Burlesque Noir
  • Side B: The other side of the coin
    • How to exalt the female figure even from the shoulders

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